DJ Vance Ramsey a.k.a. DJ Eklektik from Brooklyn NY, a professional DJ/MC with over 26 years of experience providing exceptional diverse musical selections. DJ Vance has worked in high energy night clubs, classic wedding receptions, corporate and private VIP events. DJ Vance is a consummate professional and considers all of his engagements as not just parties, but events, and will go above and beyond to contribute to the success of the event.

As a DJ, he appreciates the direction in which the industry is headed. He is interested in assisting all clients with their event needs. DJ Vance experience entails working in a show set where he can provide a high quality of service to clients by delivering a musical array along with clear concise non-intrusive announcements which will captivate, entertain and satisfy all clients/guests with eclectic taste. His fascination with music in general fuels his desire to play whatever suits the moment. With an extensive musical selection of House, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Brazilian, Jazz, Soca, Classics, Latin, Dance, Disco, R&B and more; DJ Vance will always please the crowd. DJ Vance sets himself apart from other DJ’s in that he is multi-faceted in hi-technical abilities and his ability to “read” his audience to anticipate what the audience wants and needs.

To see people have a great time and view how the room comes alive from the music he plays, has afforded him the opportunity to enjoy praise and compliments from past clients. His ability to deliver quick, witty mixes that absolutely satisfy clients musical palettes are the definite makings of a very exciting and satisfying event.