Stone House Stirling Ridge NJ DJ

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Stone House Stirling Ridge NJ DJ – Dash of Class had a blast with Amanda, Mark, their family and friends last weekend at the Stonehouse. It was amazing, starting with cocktail hour with our pianist and sax player setting the tone for what turned out to be an incredible night. The ballroom was amazing, set to an amber color accenting the fall colors outside and inside. They had a great play-list of music ranging from disco classics to the hottest club tracks. Along with myself, Joe Fereno and Anthony Statile we had Mike Liconti on the last set that took us to the clubs and a whole different level. That dance floor was packed all night, we even went a half hour over because they didn’t want to stop! I want to thank Amanda and Mark for having Dash of Class Entertainment part of their wedding day. We had a blast partying with you. Mike LoBasso.Stone House Stirling Ridge NJ DJ - Dash of Class

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