Lighting Production

Lighting ideas that are simple or complex, computer controlled intelligent dance lighting or high tech special effects Dash of Class can help. By discussing the overall “atmosphere” you are looking to create at your affair we can recommend the type of reception lighting production and/or special effects that would work the best for you.

LED uplighting for weddings is the hottest look in lighting design today. Dash Of Class can compliment your ballroom with endless color washing effects and create spectacular ambiance with this option. Matching a color theme or season is a great way to personalize the look of your ballroom. Let’s face it when you picked your venue, you fell in love with it not based on the possible lighting effects you would add, our goal is to enhance what you already are so excited about. Intelligent lighting gives us the ability to add a theatrical touch. What we mean by that is that it is programmed and controlled not only to create an exciting and energetic look to the dance floor but for special touches throughout your event. Let’s add a spotlight to your entranceway or to your first dance. Slow sweeps of soft colors for those romantic segments too. When used properly and operated by trained professionals the possibilities are endless.

For some floor lighting ideas, the addition of your customized monogram projected on the dance floor or on a wall can further personalize your unique wedding ideas. Have something already designed or have us design one for you, either way let’s put your names up in lights! Want to have a “dreamy” effect, our Dancing On Clouds option will be sure to deliver. During your First Dance or a special Spotlight Dance we can create low lying fog that will be a great photo opportunity. Click on the colored links to see photos of these options or visit our Lighting Gallery for more great ideas and photos. Contact us today to discuss what would be the best option to get the “look” you have been searching for.