Joe Onofrietti OWNER|MC|DJ


As far as I can remember I always had a love for music. I started out in my parent’s basement practicing on turntables day in and day out about 20 years ago. Practicing beat matching and counting beats only made me better each day. Any money that I would make would be spent on buying new music and to keep learning this field called a DJ. As the years went by I transitioned from turntables to CD players and now to a laptop. What started out as a DJ in my basement transformed into a DJ in bars and clubs in the tri-state area, to eventually becoming a part of this great organization Dash of Class Entertainment. I have a degree in Business Management from Brooklyn College and the education I have acquired over the years there helped me become a better public speaker which helped me become a polished and personable Emcee. I don’t consider Dash of Class an ordinary job but a family. We have a great group of guys that have been around this business for a countless number of years. Not a lot of people can say that they love what they do. The love that I have for this industry grows stronger and stronger week in and week out, and to see the smiles across a clients face at the end of an affair is best feeling in the world and is such a great accomplishment. Knowing that my input, experience and production made this an affair to remember is an indescribable feeling. I love music and always have and I truly consider my job a skill and a craft not a hobby, and can honestly say I don’t see myself doing anything else.