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Dash of Class DJ at Crest Hollow

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Dash of Class DJ Entertainment had a great night at Crest Hollow with Krystle & Stephen! When they said they had a crazy crowd I didn’t think they would party the way they did. Krystle wanted a high energy dance atmosphere and we did it! Mainly with the music selected but also with intelligent lighting, led dj booth and screens. The lighting created great atmosphere because we were able to compliment the LED up lighting that the Crest Hollow already has in place,  it is stunning! As always the staff there is always a pleasure to work with and delivers some of the best food, service and ambiance the Long Island has to offer. Ceremony outdoors followed by poolside cocktail hour that is truly unmatched. Thank you for having Dash of Class Entertainment part of your incredible day, I am glad we were able to work together to give you exactly what you were looking for. Michael LoBasso. Crest Hollow DJ

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